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 I have been thinking about what to add to the home page this month and with that I was going to change the picture above to something inside the New Office.  Well I am not as technically inclined as I would like to be and find I get frustrated with not being able to download what I need when I want it!!

And that brought me to my subject....Patience....it's such a nice sounding word with so much emotion attached to it. With working in the Health field you have alot of clients looking for answers or an idea of what to do next.

But alot of my answers include time....you did not get sick, inflammation or chronic pain overnight and it will not go away that fast either. If you are trying a natural Health Modality like Massage, Reflexology, Accupuncture or Hypnosis (just to name a few). Please give it some time and effort to see if it really is something that will work for you. We can't give you a pill to take away the pain (and we like that) so time is something essential when starting on a new path!!

Believe me I am no expert on Patience but I do know that if you get good information and some solid ideas that your path may lead you to feeling better than you ever thought possible....

So try something New and..... Have Patience

For more info email me at michellelehn@yahoo.com or call 320-759-1448  and Thanks again for visiting this website...

We look forward to seeing you for a session!

Have A Healthy Life.....Michelle

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