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We will be closed at 2pm on Christmas Eve and will open again on Monday Dec. 29th. We will be working New Years Day if you have the day off and would like a Massage!! Great way to start the New Year....

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The human body consists of approximately One Hundred Trillion Cells, about one thousenad cells for every bright star in the Milky Way. It takes only fifity replications, starting with the first division of the fertilized egg to produce those one hundred thousand billion cells. The first replication gives you two cells, the second gives you four and so on. By the 50th replication you have one hundred thousand billion cells in your body and here you are!

THAT IS AMAZING!!!! We are Amazing.... It is so amazing that any of us come out looking like a human at all... It is a Miracle!

I want to focus on the replication process that starts with only one division of the egg and put that into your life. I know that getting healthy and feeling better feels very overwhelming and difficult but what if you divided everything into months? What if you only change ONE thing per month... Does that sound like an easier path?

Life doesn't have to be this stressed out... Take it one division at a time... Decide to walk for 30 mins each day but don't change anything else...next month add in more water... next month stop drinking pop...  you can decide to have a massage each month to give a gift to your changing body and life....Eventually you will have changed and not even realized it.. 

Believe me I am no expert on Miracles but I do know that if you get good information and some solid ideas that your path may lead you to feeling better than you ever thought possible....

So try something New and.. Be the Miracle that you always have been! 

For more info email me at michellelehn@yahoo.com or call 320-759-1448  and Thanks again for visiting this website...

We look forward to seeing you for a session!

Have A Healthy Life.....Michelle

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